Cristóbal Arance

Cristóbal Arance is a craftsman belonging to a family with a great tradition in the craft of pottery in Bailén and of recognized prestige.
Workshop declared "Point of Artistic Interest" by the Junta de Andalucía

Antonio Barrales

Antonio Barrales Comino belongs to a generation of family of potters, our pottery with its own name offers them products of great quality, fruit of the continuous effort and the choice of the best clays for each element.

Juan Nuñez

La alfarería es el arte de elaborar vasijas de barro cocido. Los objetos realizados con arcilla y posteriormente cocidos en las instalaciones de Juan Núñez Tenorio, hechos a mano cobran una belleza natural que los hace únicos.

El Jarrero

We are the fourth generation of potters. In our family, pottery has been the activity around which our lives have turned and after so many years of history following the tradition of our ancestors we have achieved totally unique pieces and crafts.