Cristóbal Arance

About us

Cristobal Arance is an artisanal craftsman whose family has a long and prestigious history in the pottery trade in Bailen.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, when the family took up the trade, three generations have worked tirelessly to ensure that they continue the tradition given to them by their ancestors.

Cristobal Arance’s pottery is characterized by the innovative pieces they produce while at the same time preserving the traditional designs. All this under the sign of unequivocal quality and originality which has generated a unique style and exclusiveness.

In 2017, the pottery factory was awarded the distinction of Arts and Crafts Place of Interest by The Arts and Crafts Commission of the Regional Government of Andalusia.

In their artisanal workshop you can find:

  • Traditional pottery

  • Decorative ceramics with new designs

  • Pieces for kitchen, garden and cooking.

We also offer customers the chance to commission their own personalized pieces.

You are very welcome to look at our catalogue where you can see some of the items produced in the workshop.